The Two Declartions of Faith (The Shahadah).

Two Declaration of Faith


1.   Meaning of DECLARATION:

a.   I bear witness that there is NO God but Allah.

Ash-hadu ALLaa EeLaha ILa ALLah.

1.   I believe that there is ONE and ONLY ONE God, Allah.

2.   I believe that Allah is the CREATOR and MAKER of all things known and not known to mankind.

3.   I am a Muslim, a SURRENDER to Allah.

4.   I SURRENDER myself to Allah.

5.   I SUBMIT myself to Allah.

6.   I SUPPLICATE to Allah (beg and ask).

7.   I believe Allah has 99 names and attributes that define him. They are all mentioned in the Holy Quran. Some of them are: The all-LOVING, the most HIGH, the most GRACIOUS, the most MERCIFUL, the all-KNOWING, the GIVER, the all-SEEING, the all- HEARING, the all-WISE, the HEALER, the FIRST, the LAST, the all-GREAT, ETC.

8.   Worshiping and associating anything to Allah or his attributes is a GREAT SIN.


b.   I bear witness that Mohammed (PBUH) is Allah’s messenger and servant.

Ash-Hadu Anna Mohammada Rasool ALLah.

1.   Mohammed (PBUH) is the Messenger of Allah.

2.   Mohammed (PBUH) is a Prophet.

3.   Mohammed (PBUH) is the most influential man ever lived.

4.   Mohammed (PBUH) by the will of Allah was sent as a mercy to all mankind.

5.   Mohammed (PBUH) is the last and final messenger and Prophet sent by Allah.

6.   Mohammed’s (PBUH) greatest wish is mercy upon all Muslims at the day of judgment.